I Hate to Say it (not Really), But I Told You So; A Litany of “I Told You So” Since MMA Inception

In “The Universal Mind of Bill Evans…” (an insightful documentary on the creative process of the legendary jazz pianist) Mr. Evans explains that when his students are faced with a problem that might have them choose to venture down several various “avenues” he is careful not to choose their path for them. He explains that his belief is that the musician would be deprived of the true educational experience if he were to do so.

(In the video below, you are urged to review Bill Evans’ view on education at minute 35:46. You are urged to view the whole video, especially jazz/market students.)

In a similar spirit, the Mixed Market Artist has never forced perceptions upon readers.

Since its inception the Mixed Market Artist has offered a unique and astoundingly accurate reading of the markets.

Back to Fed Talk:

An excerpt from that article:

G-ZIRP is unprecedented! There is no model for it. Bernanke, Yellen, and their ilk talk so calmly about this scenario for a couple reasons. They have a false confidence in the pseudo-science that is their life’s study – economics, and they have none of their own money directly on the hook.

The Central Banks of the US and the European Union look more like the Politburo of the former Soviet Union than a group of bankers! Does not anyone see this?

To Bring us to the Present Contrived Controversy, Let’s Talk About Brexit!

(Read more about the absurdity of these catchphrases (like ‘Brexit’) made by the media that drives an infinitesimal, news cycle more given to inflaming certain neuroses in its readers than to serving any worthy human cause in, Can the Fed Stop “Zirpenstein”? Does the Puppet Master Have What it Takes?.)


With all this said and taking a risk at sounding quite haughty and brash, I might say that it is tempting to give up on the average reader.

It does not make much sense to reveal what is hard-won. (Again, review the aforementioned excerpt in the Universal Mind of Bill Evans.)


Stay tuned, learned readers. There is more to come…