Glorious Patterns, Oratorios, and the Financial Market!

The price action in the S&P 500 futures contract looks strikingly similar to a line of music in the great George Handel’s spectacular oratorio – Judas Maccabeus.

150818_134031_CQG_Integrated_Client_Chart_EPU5_-_E-Mini_S&P_500_Sep_15_Daily (1)

A larghetto marks when a section of a musical piece should be performed at a slower tempo. If one has observed or traded the markets this summer, the juxtaposition of the score from this great oratorio and this chart should seem all the more apropos for this reason.Capture


As the Mixed Market Artist has consistently instructed, the process of coming to an understanding of  the markets is a multidisciplinary one (read about MMA).


As can be seen in the illustration above, math and art coincide – often in glorious ways we might not immediately recognize.

Successfully trading the financial markets demands a flexible mind – one that can recognize relationships where others do not.

Take a listen to the wonderful, glorious, stupendous Judas Maccabeus and contemplate for yourself where the markets might move once we exit this larghetto!